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Bolt 25 e-Limousine

BOLT 25 - Luxury Limousine tender utilising our proven electric propulsion. Twin electric waterjet drive, for an incredibly quiet, dry and comfortable transfer from yacht to harbour.

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This luxury limousine electric yacht tender will transport your guest and crew in quiet, safe & dry style from Yacht to Harbour at a cruising speed of 22 knots, and a maximum speed of 30+ knots. The Bolt 25 utilises twin electric 180bhp waterjets with optional diesel range extender for exceptional electric range and performance.

She is based on the successful Bolt 18 electric yacht tender which debuted at Monaco in 2012. The Bolt 18 is a ground breaking concept electric boat which set the British Water speed record in 2012, and continues to impress clients both in looks and performance. 

NameBolt 25 e-Limousine
Design No7605
Length Overall25ft / 7.6m
Length on Deck25ft / 7.6m
Length Waterline25ft / 7.6m
Beam8ft / 2.4m
Draft1.2ft / 0.5 m
Displacement1.5 Tonnes
ConstructionCarbon Composite
Engine 2 x 180bhp Waterjet Electric