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Building your exclusive Mylne yacht has just got easier.

Ensuring every Mylne yacht is built to the highest standard is crucial in maintaining the values that have kept A.Mylne & Co Yacht Design (and our yachts) afloat for over 100 years. The following Builders are personally known to us, and have demonstrated excellence in their work, superb competence and attention to detail. By working exclusively with these established yacht building yards, you can be assured that your Mylne yacht will be of the highest quality. A yacht for you to own and enjoy, an investment to be handed down to your children and grand children. To discuss your dreams, and let us help you turn them into reality, contact us today.

Huttting Yachts
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patterson boat works
Stirling & Son
Tommi Nielsen
Bristol Classic Boat Company Ltd

For more information on build & refit options, please contact our office.