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The Mylne Archive - the most complete single archive of yacht designs in the world.

The 7596 drawings in the archive are all safely stored digitally and available on request, priced £95 each. Contact us and we will send small scale versions of the available drawings to your email address. You can then choose which drawings you would like and order direct from us here at Mylne. We will send you a link to a folder containing the original high-resolution digital scans for any drawings you purchase.

You are free to use the designs & drawings for personal non-commercial use.

The work of Alfred Mylne is quintessentially classic by today's standards, but in their time these yachts were as cutting edge as any modern America's cup AC72 or all carbon racing machine - a tradition of adopting the latest technologies that continues today at Mylne. The drawings provided here predate the introduction of the EU Recreational Craft Directive and other National and International standards. It is possible to build a replica from the information provided online here, but for reasons of warranty, integrity and legality any prospective owner should engage the Mylne design office as project consultants - such engagement would include the necessary build licence.

Any yacht which is to carry the Mylne name needs to meet the highest standards of construction and finish. To this end we have teamed up with a number of excellent yards who we know personally, and who have a track record of producing the most beautiful work. See our list of approved builders.