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Alfred Mylne: Scotland's Greatest Yacht Designer - A 150th Birthday Commemorative Biography


In 1896, Alfred Mylne, a visionary and ambitious 24-year-old, embarked on a groundbreaking journey by establishing his own yacht design office in the heart of Glasgow. This meticulously curated book pays homage to Scotland’s greatest yacht designer on his 150th Birthday, delving into Mylne’s prolific life, iconic yachts, and enduring legacy.

Spanning the golden age of yachting from 1872 to 1947, this luxurious narrative unfolds over 510 pages, enriched with over 700 contemporaneous photographs and drawings. The book transports readers through the fascinating world of lavish yachts and intricate designs, revealing the unparalleled craftsmanship and innovation of Alfred Mylne.

Whether you’re a casual reader intrigued by historic luxury yachting or a dedicated enthusiast of maritime design, this lavishly illustrated masterpiece promises an immersive and enlightening experience, celebrating the timeless genius of Alfred Mylne.


  • Comprehensive Biography: Celebrates Alfred Mylne's 150th birthday with an extensive look into his life and contributions to yacht design.
  • Rich Visuals: Features over 700 contemporary photographs and drawings to illustrate Mylne's groundbreaking designs.
  • Detailed Narration: 510 pages of meticulously researched content, providing an in-depth view of the yachting world between 1872 and 1947.
  • Luxurious Presentation: A stunning book that is a visual and informative treat for both casual readers and maritime enthusiasts.
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Beacon, Port Edgar, Scotland.

La Libreria del mare, Milan, Italy

Toplicht, Germany

Yachting Heritage Centre, Flensburg, Germany

Boat Books Australia

Amazon (UK)

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