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Bolt Electric Boat

Launched at Monaco in 2012, the BOLT 18 all electric boat and yacht tender from Mylne is a fast, comfortable, robust and classically styled craft to take you ashore quickly and comfortably. Used as an electric sports boat it has a great range and can tow water-skiers and wake boarders with ease.

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The Mylne Bolt 18 is a fast, agile all electric boat and yacht tender powered by a 135bhp electric motor, and a bank of lithium batteries. The Bolt 18 represents a step change in the power and versatility of electric boats in the UK and Europe. Top speed is in excess of 30 knots.

Monaco 2012 - Launch Date for the Bolt 18 Tender - from the drawing board of Mylne Yacht Design , designer of legendary yachts such as Thendara, Tigris, Atlantide etc., since 1896

November 2012 - Mylne set the British Water Speed Record at 32.77mph for the National "Unrestricted Electric Runabout" class.

David Gray, the designer says "The boat is exceeding all our expectations in terms of speed, acceleration, autonomy, quietness and ride quality. We received an exceptional amount of attention at the Monaco Yacht Show, and later during Les Voiles de St Tropez. The simple lines, open plan, pollution free all electric propulsion, low maintenance and astonishing performance were very well received."


  • Length         5.5m / 18ft
  • Beam           1.8m / 6ft
  • Draft            0.5m / 1ft 8in
  • Weight         750kg / 1650lbs
  • Crew             6
  • RCD Cat        C
  • Motor               100kw / 135bhp Electric 
  • Fuel                  24kwh Lithium Cell Pack
  • Top Speed      30+knots 
  • Acceleration  Phenomenal
  • Cruising          20 knots for 30+ minutes