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Pilgrim 1914

Pilgrim - a classic from 1914

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Pilgrim was designed for Mr E G Prettyman MP in 1914, and built on the Clyde under the supervision of Alfred Mylne. Both graceful and fast, she stayed with the original owner for over 20 years, and survived both world wars. Her whereabouts now lost, she is offered here as a beautiful recreation opportunity. An authentic classic with Blue water potential, 

Designer - Alfred Mylne

Naval Architecture - Mylne Yacht Design

Interior Design - Malcolm Duffin Design

Builder - Stirling & Son


  • Spar Length 18.9m / 62ft
  • Length 16.5m / 54ft
  • Waterline 11.1m / 36.2ft
  • Beam 3.9m / 12.7ft
  • Draft 2.3m / 7.5ft
  • Rigging: Gaff Ketch
  • Engine: Hybrid Diesel Electric
  • Sail Area: 159m² / 1711ft²
  • For an authentic and traditional build we are working with Will Stirling. 
  • Guide Price £450k+VAT
Pilgrim 1914
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