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Panope 1927

The epitome of post edwardian yachting elegance. Traditional building techniques with state of the art electric propulsion frees up interior volume for an elegant prewar yacht with todays levels of comfort.

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Panope was a successful racing and cruising yacht original built by Camper & Nicholson in Gosport. Lost in the 1970's, she is a very attractive recreation opportunity and a very useful size. With dimensions that allow her to operate under the MCA SCV charter code rather than LY2, if you want to operate this yacht commercially then you will not find a finer example of original beauty to impress your guests with.

Designer - Alfred Mylne

Naval Architecture - Mylne Yacht Design

Interior Design - Malcolm Duffin Design


  • Spar Length 34.4m / 113ft
  • Length 29.6m / 97ft
  • Loadline 23.9m / 78.5ft
  • Beam 5.8m / 19ft
  • Draft 3.6m / 12ft
  • Rigging: Gaff Schooner
  • Engine: Hydrib Diesel Electric
  • Displacement: 91tonnes
  • Sail Area: 350m² / 3767ft²
Panope 1927 Yacht
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